Internet Acceptable Use Policy and Guidelines

Services for Those in Need

We offer wireless internet access. This service is free to all who agree to our acceptable use policy. It is subject to availability and technical capacity with no guarantee of performance or connectivity. Our primary objective in this offering is to enable those in need help themselves improve their situation. This means that, although the network is available for entertainment, priority is given to business matters such as: housing, employment, food, transportation, legal, spiritual needs, education, or health care. This includes related activities such as obtaining ID or other vital records. Users are subject to the following policy and guidelines:

  • Priority to business matters
  • When traffic is heavy refrain from downloads or streaming video/audio
  • Prohibited: Pornography | Abuse | Violence | Criminal Activity
  • Non-secure network to be treated as "public"
    • User responsible for protection of their own systems
      • anti-virus
      • firewall
      • all other security
  • We encourage the community to support each other
    • Share your resources
    • Share your knowledge


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