Community Guidelines and Etiquette

Every community needs rules and guidelines in order to function properly. Please observe these rules so that we may all co-exist in peace and safety.


  • Be respectful of staff, residents, guests, and community volunteers
    • Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests and visitors
    • Guests must be properly registered and any applicable fees paid
    • Visitors are not allowed on premises between 10pm and 8am (only residents and registered guests)
    • Keep your voice especially low in residence hallways between 9pm and 9am
    • Cooperate with your neighbors for kitchen space during high-volume periods
    • Smoke in designated areas only
      • Dispose of butts and trash in proper containers
    • Keep your personal areas clean
    • Clean up after yourself in common areas
      • Kitchen
      • Bathrooms and showers
      • Lobby
      • Hallways and exterior areas
      • Literature racks
    • Be mindful of personal hygeine - shower regularly
    • Be patient and respectful during feeding times
      • Complete any requested documentation
      • Do not cut in line
      • Assure all have eaten before requesting seconds
      • Allow women, children, elderly, and handicapped priority in lines
    • Be considerate when accepting donations at the pool table - share what is given with all in need
    • Remove laundry from machines immediately
    • Participate calmly and fairly with TV channel selection process in lobby
    • Share available internet bandwidth within our community
  • Cooperate with security staff instructions
    • Observe egress and ingress rules (use front entrance only 9pm - 7am)
    • Use emergency exits ONLY during emergencies
    • Disperse congregations that are loud or unruly upon first request
    • Provide residency verification upon request
    • Report criminal activity immediately
    • Report vandalism or other abuse immediately to security or front-desk staff
    • "Lobby Passes" are granted on emergency basis at the sole discretion of GSI staff and management
  • Cooking in rooms not permitted (except microwave)
    • No hot-plates, cook-plates, griddles, fryers, or electric roasters/ovens/toasters in rooms (Fire hazard)
  • Conserve water, energy, and other resources whenever and wherever possible

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